Tue / Jun / 2015

This weekend saw the beginning of the South bank’s festival of love, celebrating mankind’s most overwhelming emotion. Very interesting I’m sure! From my perspective though, while most of us can resist falling in love, very few can fight the power that passion, lust and desire wield!
Well, it’s a good job I am here to help out with my stunning escorts here in London. Take our new brunette Gabriela! Amazingly beautiful and charismatic, she has an undeniable natural magnetism. So much so that she already has many repeat clients, most of whom start with a one hour appointment but invariably extend, sometimes up to 6 hours!
It seems that you guys just can’t get enough and that’s just how I like it!
Reminds me of something I read recently :

” When you see fair form, take it,
When possible embrace it.
Life is short and we should all enjoy
What flesh we crave.
There’s no sex life in the grave! “