Don’t we all like to get rewarded by our LOYALTY!!!!

Well Yes…….. That is why DATING LONDON ESCORTS has developed a Loyalty Program were you will be rewarded by your
Loyalty to all the girls in our website!!

How does it works:

Every time you go to see any of our girls for at least 1 hour,

you will get 10 points = £10

You can claim your discount points at any time but

if you accumulated up to 100 points they become £150 so

you can go to see any of the girls TOTALLY FREE or the equivalent

of £150 discount off any booking!

We will pay for you to have a good time………. Isn’t that Great!!!

Go on, give us a call Today and
start getting your Loyalty Points
All our Girls will Love to see you

The More Points – The More Fun

To find out more Please Call us NOW on Tel. +44(0)7787062022